2018 Innovation Awards -Update

The Association is pleased to announce that 21 schools submitted applications for the 2018 MN Charter School Innovation Awards. The vast majority of applications are from charter schools that have not applied previously. The 2018 Awards will be given out during National Charter Schools Week – May 7-11, 2018.

The MN Charter School Innovation Awards were established the by Association’s Board in 2016 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Minnesota’s Charter School Law. There are five categories of awards which coincide with the five innovative purposes defined for chartered public schools. The Awards are awarded annually during National Charter Schools Week.



2017-2018 Charter School Leadership Survey

Every two years the Association conducts the Minnesota Charter School Leadership Survey to collect information on the state and status of charter school leadership so that the Association can better support school administrators. The information from previous surveys has been extremely helpful in addressing public policy issues and in shaping the work of the Association with school directors.

The Survey asks questions in four areas: Basic Demographic Information, Professional Background and Experience, Work of the Director, and School Governance and Management. The Survey is based on the Charter School Leadership Survey developed by the Center for Reinventing Education at the University of Washington.

Charter School Boards – Role & Responsibilities

One of the topics the Association’s Board Governance Work Group grappled with over this past fall was the question of “What is the Role & Responsibilities of Boards in the Oversight of Student Performance, Achievement and Success?” In researching the question it was amazing to find how little has been written on the topic.

What the Work Group did find set in motion a vigorous discussion about the what achievement and success mean,  what factors are a part of measuring student performance, achievement and success. Ultimately the Work Group thought those issues need to be addressed by individual boards – but the discussion led to the defining of what the charter school board’s role and responsibilities are in the oversight of student performance, achievement and success.

The Work Group recommended a Policy Statement that can serve as a job description for boards and a blueprint for board education on the board’s role and responsibilities in the oversight of student performance, achievement and success.

The Policy Statement has been sent to Boards and School Directors of member schools.