Every year, normally in spring, although it seems to happen at any time of year our office receives urgent calls from a board seeking a process or an instrument to conduct a job performance evaluation of the school director. In those conversations it turns out more often than not (probably 80% of the time) we learn the board’s plan is to do the evaluation in a matter of days – although it’s not been unheard of that the board plans to conduct the evaluation that very evening.

Let me just say that for a board to implement and conduct a job performance evaluation in such a haphazard and callous manner of a school director, or anyone for that matter, is not just poor governance – it is unethical.

A board has a duty to act in both a legal and ethical manner.

The law requires that “a charter school board adopt personnel evaluation policies and practices.” Ethics require that the board create those policies and practices in an orderly and fair process which includes seeking input from the person(s) who will be the subject of the evaluation policy.

The charter school law requires ‘that a board shall establish qualifications for administrators, and that then it outlines the areas qualifications must at least cover, and then states that those qualifications are to be used for job descriptions, hiring, and job performance evaluations.’

Ethics requires the board to have established a job performance evaluation process and instrument well before the evaluation so the person whose performance is being evaluated knows the criteria and process.

If a board does not have a job performance evaluation policy and/or process, now is the time to develop one, not days or hours before the job performance evaluation. If a board does have a job performance evaluation policy and process, now is the time to review it, before it is time for the next performance review.


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