Words and our individual understandings of the meanings of words reveal a lot about our beliefs, values, experiences, and how we translate words into actions. In organizations, we often assume that everyone defines and understands the meanings of words in the same way as we do. So, it
is important for people in organizations to take time to share and reflect on the meaning of the words we use to convey our collective beliefs and aspirations.

Over the last couple of meetings, the MACS Board of Directors has dedicated a significant portion of those meeting to sharing and discussing what the words Equity and Equitable Opportunity in Education mean given that the board amended the Association’s mission statement to say that
an aspect of our mission is “…to promote equitable opportunities and excellence in education for students.”

The conversations began with each board member sharing their definition and understanding of equity and equitable opportunities. Based on the board’s discussion, input from school directors who responded to the equity definition survey earlier this summer, and other sources, the Association staff was charged with drafting a statement for board consideration.

At its September meeting the Board reviewed and amended the proposal the draft presented by the staff. Upon adoption of a statement at its in November meeting the statement will be used to guide our public policy positions and the Association’s programs and activities.

The goal of this work is to ensure that our commitment “to promote equitable opportunities and excellence in education for students” has a common basis and is always at the heart of the Association’s work.

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