One of the hallmark innovative education policies that Minnesota led the nation in implementing was Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) for high school students.

While PSEO is about creating new learning opportunities for young people (earning college credits while in high school) there has been and continues to be opposition to providing these opportunities to students.

There are a number of reasons given for that opposition, including – some who oppose it on philosophical grounds that students are not mature enough, while others oppose PSEO for very practical reasons, the impact on high school budgets.

Whatever the reason, access to Post-Secondary Enrollment Opportunities have not been made available to some students, while others have no even been made aware of these potential opportunities.

Over the years there have been legislative efforts to address the barriers that have been erected to limit student access to Post-Secondary Enrollment Opportunities.

Given the one of the primary purposes of chartered public schools is to create new learning opportunities for students, the chartered public school community needs to be a leading proponent of expanding post-secondary enrollment opportunities for Minnesota’s high school students.

For more information about the work and legislative agenda of click here PEOPLE for PSEO.


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