MN Charter School Leadership Award

The Association is pleased to announce the establishment of a New Award The Minnesota Charter School Leadership Award. The Award to be presented annually is designed to recognize individuals in school leadership positions who have demonstrated  ongoing:

  • organizational leadership;
  • academic leadership;
  • professionalism;
  • innovation; and
  • community engagement.

In other words, school leaders who have gone above and beyond to “Unleash Education from Convention.”


MN Charter School Enrollment Continues to Grow

Minnesota’s Charter School Enrollment continues to grow according to the figures published by the MN Department of Education. According to the October 1, 2017 enrollment reports there were over 56,200 students enrolled in charter schools in grades K-12 – an increase of about 2,800 students over the previous year – despite the fact there is one less charter school in 2017-2018 . Charter schools now enroll 6.5% of K-12 students in Minnesota.

Demographically Minnesota’s charter schools continue to be more diverse than the overall public school population in the state.

  • 54% of charter school students qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch compared to 37% of all public school students.
  • 21% of charter school students are Limited English Proficient compared to 8% of all public school students.
  • 59% of charter school students are Minority Students compared to 33% of all public school students.

The one population in charter schools that is less than the state average is Special Education Students  – 13.5% in charter schools verses 14.1 % of all public school students.

2018 Innovation Awards -Update

The Association is pleased to announce that 21 schools submitted applications for the 2018 MN Charter School Innovation Awards. The vast majority of applications are from charter schools that have not applied previously. The 2018 Awards will be given out during National Charter Schools Week – May 7-11, 2018.

The MN Charter School Innovation Awards were established the by Association’s Board in 2016 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Minnesota’s Charter School Law. There are five categories of awards which coincide with the five innovative purposes defined for chartered public schools. The Awards are awarded annually during National Charter Schools Week.