Minnesota’s ESSA Plan – Update

On Wednesday, of this week the MN Department of Education submitted revisions to Minnesota’s State ESSA Plan to address the areas that the federal government asked the state to provide clarifications based on a review of the proposed Plan. A final decision on the approval of the Plan is expected by the U.S. Department of Education by January 16th.

ESSA Minnesota State Plan

While the State Plan has been moving through the federal approval process, MDE has launched the process to look at three topics that were identified for further examination through the consultation process in developing the State Plan.

  1. Indicator(s) of School Quality or Student Success
  2. Data Dashboard (Public Data Reporting)
  3. School Recognition

The Department has established 3 Sub-committees to examine and make recommendations on these topics.

Yesterday, the School Quality or Student Success Sub-committee met for 4 hours to examine whether the MN Common Course Catalog (MCCC) system might be able to provide information that could be utilized as an indicator of a well-rounded education and career and college readiness. The Sub-committee will be meeting again on January 17th to make a recommendation.


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